Stewart’s Shops Helps Local School District!

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When we heard that the Long Lake School District was struggling to get milk for their students, we wanted to help! Long Lake School District is the smallest school district in New York State, with less than 60 students. Because Long Lake is located deep in the Adirondack Mountains in Hamilton County, it has been a struggle for the school to get goods and products delivered.

According to Carl Geiger, the food service manager and director in the Long Lake school district, “It is getting harder and harder for products to be delivered to Long Lake.” The Long Lake school district worked with a small local business in the past to supply milk to the district. This all ended when the business started charging fuel surcharges and order minimums. The business stopped delivering milk to Long Lake in general. “They left us standing dry with no milk and it is sad that other local businesses won’t deliver to Long Lake, it makes it hard and smaller school districts are hurting the most.” Geiger said.  As we always say here at Stewart’s, we are here to make your lives easier.  And that is exactly what we did!

We were able to coordinate a milk delivery with the district. And we are proud to say Long Lake school district now gets the best milk in New York State! The Long Lake school district receives deliveries of our fat free and 1% milk; as well as our 1% chocolate milk every 5-6 days. It is picked up at the Long Lake shop and the manager, Elisabeth, will even bring the delivery over to the school. “We have received other brands of dairy products in the past with short expiration lengths and the milk would expire too fast. Stewart’s expiration dates and the milk lasts much longer.” Geiger explained. 

Here at Stewart’s, we are here to support our communities. When we heard of the trouble happening in Long Lake, we did not think twice about being their new dairy supplier. “When Stewart’s was able to come through and help, it was a dream come true. I was pulling my hair out, and I don’t have much left.” Said Geiger. “Companies that we support don’t support us, but Stewart’s stepped up and is a true community partner.”

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