The Fuel You Want for Your Recreational Activities

What is Non-Ethanol Gas?

Non-Ethanol gasoline is a high-quality type of fuel that does not include added ethanol. Ethanol is a form of grain alcohol that is blended together with pure gasoline to be used in motor vehicles. Ethanol is made up of feedstocks that include sugarcane, wheat, corn, barley, other grains, and high starch/sugar crops.

Over 275 Stewart’s Locations are now offering Premium Non-Ethanol Gasoline. Premium Non-Ethanol Gasoline provides better performance and safer operations for classic cars and recreational vehicles such as snowmobiles, boats, and motorcycles, as well as lawn and snow equipment.

Benefits of Using Our Non-Ethanol Gas:

  • Higher energy content. More energy = More power
  • Improved gas mileage (around 4%)
  • No dependence on ethanol crops
  • Significantly much less harm to engines
  • Does not corrode the engine
  • Increases expected life on smaller engines
  • Less costly to produce
  • Uses fewer fossil fuels

What Makes Using Stewart’s Gas better?

Many of our competitors and gas chains sell 90 Octane Non-Ethanol gasoline while Stewart’s sells 91 Octane PREMIUM Non-Ethanol. Generally, newer cars are recommended to run on higher octane levels. Our Premium version provides for optimum fuel efficiency, improved mileage performance, and is significantly less harsh on your engine. Fuel up at Stewart’s to give your engine the better gas it deserves and don’t forget to fuel yourself up with coffee, grab & go food, and of course ice cream!!I just want to thank you for providing ethanol free premium gas. It’s all I use on my cars. – Jim W. As an owner of a classic car (1969 Citroen DS21), I wanted you to know that I really appreciate that you have ethanol free gas. – Ira G. “I always swing into Stewart’s for the non-ethanol gas for my boat, it’s a lot cheaper here, than it is on the water.” -Patrick K., Port Henry, NY