New York's Favorite Coffee To Go!

We are YOUR coffee shop. Stewart’s unique coffee is created with our own special blend of coffee beans that gives it that one-of-a-kind flavor that you know and love! Stop in for your favorite flavor of hot coffee, iced coffee or cold brew coffee. And don’t forget to try our limited-edition coffee flavors throughout select times of the year. Grab your favorite flavors to brew at home with the Stewart’s S-Cups or ground coffee. Click here to find Stewart’s Coffee near you!

Hot cup of Stewart's coffee

Hot Coffee

  • House Blend Coffee
  • Richer Roast Coffee
  • Decaf Coffee
  • Hazelnut Coffee
  • Blueberry Crumble Coffee
  • French Vanilla Coffee
  • Maple French Toast Coffee
  • Seasonal Cinnamon Sugar Roll Coffee
  • Hot Chocolate & Tea

Iced Coffee & Cold Brew

  • Perfectly Sweetened Iced Coffee (Regular & Decaf)
  • Cold Brew (unsweetened)
hot Coffee with French vanilla Creamer

Make It Your Way

Choose from International Delight® flavored creamers or Stewart’s Fresh and Local:

  • Half & Half
  • French Vanilla Half & Half
  • Milk
  • Eggnog (Trust us, you should try it!)

Sweeten with your choice of sugar, Equal® or Splenda®.

Coffee Refreshers

(16oz and 20oz)

  • Iced Coffee
  • Caramel Iced Coffee
  • Cold Brew Coffee
  • Mocha Cold Brew Coffee
  • French Vanilla Cold Brew Coffee
  • Limited Edition Hazelnut Cream Cold Brew
Stewart's gold coffee bags

Brew at Home

Enjoy your favorite Stewart’s Coffee flavors from home!

S-Cups (Keurig® compatible): House Blend, Richer Roast, Blueberry Crumble, French Vanilla, Hazelnut, and Decaf

Ground Coffee (Single Pot & 12oz): House Blend, Decaf, and limited edition Maple French Toast!

Box of Coffee with cream and a cup.

Box of Coffee- Just $14.99!

Bring Stewart’s coffee to your next event or work function! A Box of Coffee Includes:

  • 8 (12oz) coffee cups  & lids
  • 1 pint of Stewart’s Half & Half
  • Sugar & Sweeteners (Splenda and Equal)
  • Stirrers
  • Napkins

Get a Discount with a Reusable Mug

Fill up on your favorite hot coffee and receive a discount when you use any reusable coffee mug! For the price of a small coffee, get up to 32oz!

Stewart's night owl over brick wall

Make It An Ice Cream Treat

Turn your coffee into a sweet treat with:

  • For 50¢, add a scoop of your favorite ice cream to your hot coffee, iced coffee, or cold brew!
  • Iced Coffee Shakes- mix up your favorite milkshake by having it made with iced coffee instead!