Stewart’s Shops Named One of America’s Best Convenience Stores!

Stewart's is named Top Convenience Store set out on a mission to find America’s best convenience stores, and Stewart’s Shops is honored to be ranked #3!

Food & Wine, a popular magazine for recipes, restaurant reviews, and more, decided to skip the larger national stores and delved into the smaller regional chains that are near and dear to their customer’s hearts. They visited convenience stores across the country asking one question: how happy would they be to come back?

According to their rankings, they’d be very happy to come visit us again!

If you know us, you know that Stewart’s Shops take pride in being there for our customers, whether we’re your coffee shop, ice cream shop, grocery store or gas station. Food & Wine took notice of our dedication to our customers, ranking us above other popular stores in our area such as Cumberland Farms and Byrne Dairy. Here’s what they had to say:

“Stewart’s, closely held by the same family since the beginning, doesn’t have to broaden its horizons to keep thriving; they just need to keep giving their audience pretty much everything they need to stay happy, from pre-dawn buttered rolls and hot coffee, all the way up to after-dinner ice cream cones.”

They also highlighted our commitment to our employees, which stands out on the list of stores being commended for their food offerings. We truly value our hard-working partners, so much so that they own 40% of the company through our Employee Stock Ownership Plan, or ESOP. We were even named a ‘Top Workplace’ earlier this year!