Limiting selection to maintain essential food and gasoline services

We are open. Stewarts shop with blue sky

At Stewart’s Shops, our goal is always to make your life easier. We know there are times when you need us even more and now is one of those times. COVID-19 has changed our routines and has many fearful. Please take comfort that we are doing everything we can to keep our shops clean and a safe place to shop. To keep up with the increased demand, we will be limiting promotions and product selection during this time to continue to provide you with essential gasoline and food services.

Keeping up with the needs in each community is especially difficult because every community is different. Luckily, one of our strengths is found in our distribution system. Our shops receive frequent deliveries, and this helps us remain in stock of the items you need. If we have any disruptions of products, we’re doing our best to work with our vendors to remedy the situation quickly.

Smaller is nicer and that’s especially true during these uncertain times. You can get in and out of a Stewart’s Shop quickly. While we’re happy to have you use our shops, we thank you for not congregating and respecting the need for separation between customers.