We’re all in this together

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We are here for you when you need us the most. It is important to recognize that food and fuel are essential needs and the state has asked that essential businesses, such as Stewart’s Shops, remain open. Be aware that shop hours could fluctuate during this time. If concerned, please call your local shop for accurate hours of operation.

Our hope is that everyone is courteous to each other. We ask that our shop partners be understanding of the stress that our customers are under and that our customers recognize the services provided by our shop partners. We are all in this together. Stewart’s Shops thanks our hard-working partners and appreciates their extra effort.

We must be rational and realistic because this is a long-term situation. At Stewart’s Shops, we have had some experience with this type of disruption during severe weather; when our food, fuel, and services have become essential to our communities. Frequent deliveries to the shops and efficient systems at the manufacturing and distribution plant prove to be an important asset to keep our shelves stocked with the products you need. You may notice a shift in promotions and selection in the coming days. This is to maintain the supply of necessities rather than a particular flavor of ice cream.

While shopping at Stewart’s, we ask that you please not congregate and keep a safe distance between yourself and other customers. We’re happy to see you and share a smile during this difficult time. We are working diligently to remain a safe and clean environment to provide you with food, fuel, and other products. We do recommend grabbing a half-gallon or pint of ice cream. We hear it’s a proven stress reliever.