Stewart’s Shares: Hudson Hall

Hudson Hall pictured on a sunny day

We recently pledged $10,000 to Hudson Hall. This pledge will be spread over 2 years and provide vital operational funding for the Hall’s mission.

Hudson Hall is home to New York State’s oldest surviving theater. The Hall has been host to several high-profile visitors in history. Susan B. Anthony was a frequent visitor and Teddy Roosevelt gave a speech at the grounds, just to name a couple. This hall has been a community staple since the beginning.

In 1922, the community came together in 1922 to save the grounds. Since then, the Hall has been a beacon for creativity and a cultural center in the community.  Some of their programs include, live performances, art exhibitions, city-wide festivals, free community events, and workshops. Over the course of a year, Hudson Hall serves an estimated 50,000 people and employs over 400 artists, skilled technician, and local youth.

Hudson Hall is an important community pillar. In 2020 when the pandemic hit, they provided PPE at minimal costs for their community partners and businesses. Their Shared Streets initiative allowed business a way to stay open and sell their goods in a safe outdoor market. Their summer workforce program gave local teens a job and structure in a stressful and anxiety-filled period.

Hudson Hall is truly an asset to their community, and we are proud to support them.

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