Support Stewart’s New Shop in Watertown, NY

We want to invest in our communities and provide better services for you!

Watertown Shop- Current Location 1226 Washington St. Proposed Location- 108 Flower Ave East

Have your voice heard! Attend the City Council Meeting on Apr 4, 2022 at 7:00 PM
City Hall
245 Washington Street
Watertown, NY 13601
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OR, click here for the City Council’s contact information. Let them know you support the new Stewart’s Shop prior to April 4th, 2022.

Why does Stewart’s have to relocate?

To meet the evolving needs of our communities, we need to upgrade from the original site that was built in October 1995. The current location isn’t accessible to pedestrian shoppers. Shopping “small” and local has become the new normal. Walkable services have become desirable.

What Does a new Stewart’s Shop Offer?

  • Expanded grab-and-go food options, hot food, beverage, Did You Know?
    and grocery items
  • Architecturally pleasing design that complements the neighborhood
  • Repurposing an underutilized lot
  • Greener, more pedestrian-friendly site with expanded seating
    inside and out
  • Expanded parking with better lot flow and ability to add
    EV Charging in the future

Did you know?

Our shops utilize pass-by traffic and add only one car per minute to traffic counts. NYSDOT data shows average daily traffic of 11,822 cars on Washington Street.

Did you know?

Based on previous meetings with the City Council, Stewart’s willingly commissioned an appraisal report. The result showed sales around other Stewart’s Shops in the city unaffected by Stewart’s proximity.

Did you know?

Stewart’s will need approvals from the Planning Board, Zone Change, and Special Use Permit from the City Council.

Have a question? Contact:

Chuck Marshall • (518) 581-1201 ext 4435 •