Saratoga Today: Best Ice Cream Award Winners

Fireworks ice cream cone

Saratoga Today voted us Best Ice Cream!

This award is special because our plant is in Saratoga County. Our plant is responsible for making all our award-winning ice cream.

Our award- winning ice cream is made possible from our award-winning milk that is picked up daily from local dairy farms. We work with 20 dairy farms in, Washington, Saratoga, and Rensselaer counties. We process the milk, in our milk receiving bay, and we make the ice cream!

The ice cream process starts with ice cream mix, which is a blend of cream and milk. The mix is then combined with the ice cream base. Each one of our flavors starts with either a white base or a chocolate base with just the right amount of air added. The addition of air is an important step because too much air and the ice cream is too light, too little and the texture is off. Some of our competitors will add more air to try and cut costs, but at Stewart’s we make sure the level is just right.

We have ingredient feeders that blends all our inclusion into the ice cream. The delicious swirls like peanut butter and chocolate that are in many flavors are added in separately. We then freeze and store the ice cream in our hardening room that is kept at 25 degrees below zero! It is so cold because a faster freeze results in a better quality of ice cream. The result of this process is a super creamy, rich, dense, and award-winning ice cream.

We have over 60 flavors to choose from! Stop into your local Stewart’s Shops and try one today. We have classic flavors like chocolate and vanilla, or you can try one of our more adventurous flavors. Our fireworks ice cream is a vanilla base with a tart cherry swirl and blue pop- rocks that burst in your mouth! Peanut Butter Pandemonium will delight any peanut butter lover. This vanilla ice cream is jam packed with a peanut butter and chocolate swirls and peanut butter cup pieces.

There are no bad options when it comes to deciding what flavor to get! Try them all and if you can’t decide, ask for a sample from our helpful Partners.

What’s Your Flavor?