We Are The Best Convenience Store in The Adirondacks

A Stewart's Shops in the Adirondacks

We’ve won Best Convenience Store from the Adirondack Daily Enterprise’s yearly, Best of the Mountains: Reader’s Choice Awards.

Thank you to everyone who voted for us!

Our relationship with the Adirondacks is special. In the six-million-acre Adirondack Park, there are only five McDonald’s, three Dunkin’ Donuts, five Dollar Generals, nine Tops Friendly Markets, one Walmart, but there are 25 Stewart’s Shops. A major problem for residents of the Adirondacks is how little options they have for simple things like grocery shopping. With our locations we are able to help solve the problem of food deserts. Many of our Adirondack locations come with an expanded grocery section so residents can use Stewart’s Shops as their one stop shop for everything they need.

Our shops are unique for the Adirondacks. Many of the businesses in the parks are seasonal and depend highly on tourism traffic, not us. We are open 365 days of the year and always there for our customers.

Lisa Bramen, a writer for Adirondack life, wrote, “In these parts, when you realize you’ve forgotten milk or run out of batteries at nine p.m., the only thing between you and a 40-minute drive is often a Stewart’s.”

We can be the reliable stop for residents of the Adirondacks. We can be so many things to so many different people depending on their needs. To some, we are their Coffee shop and their Ice Cream Shop. For others, we are their Gas Station and Grocery Store. Many of our Adirondack shops will have a larger grocery section than our other shops. With there being so little in terms of choices for grocery shopping, we are happy to provide that for our customers.

Bramen also went on to say, “It would be nearly impossible to give directions in the North Country without them,” when talking about us.

We are so thankful to all our customers in the Adirondacks and beyond.

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