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Get the Scoop on Scoops, the Stewart’s Horse

Scoops the Stewart's Horse on Broadway in Saratoga Springs, NY

If you’ve strolled down Broadway, you are probably familiar with the painted horses along the sidewalks. Stewart’s proudly owns one of these beauties. As a way to support an Art Council and YMCA fundraiser in 2002, we acquired our very own Stewart’s horse. Sarah  Maxam, a partner’s daughter at the time, and now an art…
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The Remodel of the East Malone Stewart’s Shop

Stewart's Shop under construction. Two large machines and a few cones in the parking lot

Hey, that’s almost Canada! The East Malone Stewart’s Shop #340 located in Franklin County, only 30 miles from the Canadian border, is being remodeled. Not much will change on the exterior of the building as most of the work is inside and underground. When completed this shop will provide better food service and a new…
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Caption Contest! Most Liked Comment to Win Free Pint Certificates

Flavor with Heart Eyes

It’s time to get creative with your captioning because we’re at it again! Find our “Dreaming of Pints” Flavor post on Facebook or Instagram and comment your best caption. The winners will receive 20 FREE Pint Certificates (that’s 10 certificates each) in recognition of our pint sale this week. One winner will be selected on…
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Giving Back to Your Communities because We are Closer to You!

columbia clippers baseball team, giving back to your community

Just last week alone, Stewart’s Shops/Dake Family provided donations to 153 organizations totaling over $22,600! These donations were made in the form of product, gift certificates, and monetary support. Stewart’s Shops and related family foundations support local charities, donating $7.5 million annually. Below is a list of the organizations that received support the week of…
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How We Make our Ice Cream Featuring our Top Flavors

making ice cream, it's flavor time

Did you know? Stewart’s produces more than three million gallons of quality ice cream per year. Being a family and employee-owned business means we as partners all hold a stake in making a quality product – and of course, we want it to be the very best it can be! While we pride ourselves on…
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