Nice Partners Create Nice Customers

Poland Partners that Helped to Return the Missing Money

We love saying that at Stewart’s, nice Partners create even nicer customers. We view ourselves as an essential part of the communities we serve and hold ourselves to that standard. Our Partners set us apart and give our customers an experience that is unmatched by our competition. Partners have even saved customer’s lives. Whether you are just passing through from out of town or live next door, you are our neighbor. We Are Closer To You.

Read on for some kind words shared with us by our customers:

“My daughter and I visited the Shop, I got her in her car seat, closed the door, and realized I just locked her and my keys in my car. After 5 minutes of trying to get her to unlock the door, a Partner was showing up for their shift. When he heard my daughter was locked in car, he came right over to help. I am so thankful because without him and his tools we would’ve been waiting all night for AAA. He’s always so charismatic and friendly when my daughter and I come in. He definitely goes above and beyond expectations.” – Tarah B., Bolton Landing NY

“Holy cow. I stop in once or twice a week on my way to work and the experience is always the same. Breakfast sandwiches? Made! Coffee? Fresh. Regardless of who walks through the door, they are met with grace and a smile. She knows her regulars by name and even asked where they’ve been if they’ve missed a day!” – Chris W., Kingston NY

“Hey! We just wanted to take a moment to recognize one of your employees for helping us change our flat tire in the parking lot. The 3 of us were absolutely clueless and he offered to help. Not only did he help, but he did it in the rain which was extremely kind of him.” – Chelsea H. Clifton Park NY

“I want to thank the staff here. Today I was having hypoglycemia episode while driving. When I realized it I quickly got to the Stewart’s. When I walked in shaking and stumbling over my words, the Partners recognized what was happening to me and watched over me until I was better and able to go about my day. They even made me an ice cream shake to get my blood sugar up. Thank you, both.” – Steve S., Mechanicville NY

“My granddaughter has a potentially fatal peanut allergy that we always let stores and restaurants know about. Upon hearing about this from my granddaughter, your employees broke down and washed the milkshake machine in front of us to guarantee there would not be any cross contamination from previous orders before they made her milkshake. We were very impressed with the professionalism as well as the kindness shown by your employees.” – Jane G., Amsterdam NY