Pint For A Pint Update!

Give a Pint, Get a Pint

“In January 2016, Bill Majewski was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia (A.L.L). He spent the next two years, two weeks and one day receiving chemo treatments on a near weekly basis, but it was during that first year of treatment that he received numerous blood transfusions and platelets. There were several times Bill needed platelets and/or blood but had to wait hours, and in one case a day, to receive treatment because there was none available.

At the time of Bill’s diagnosis, his three boys were ages 5, 3, and 1.  Bill Majewski is the Marketing Director for Stewart’s Shops Corporation and is an avid ambassador for blood donations. He shared some of his thoughts with us.

“Cancer sucks to have, but it’s even worse on the family. My wife had to not only take care of my boys, but also me, while living with the fear I potentially wasn’t going to make it. There is no way to for me to properly describe the emotional stress my wife went through”

Bill continues, “It was my boys that I think were most affected because they couldn’t really understand why Dad would disappear and spend weeks, and sometimes months at time, in the hospital. They couldn’t understand why I wasn’t getting on the ground and playing with them anymore, why I slept so much or why I no longer went to their sporting events and/or school events. My middle son would be mad at me for days after I came home from an extended hospital stay because he was so upset I was gone for so long.”

To all the donors Bill says, “Because of you, I get to see my children grow up and three young boys didn’t lose their father. I would not be here today if it wasn’t’ for the kindness, generosity and commitment of those who donate blood. You literally save lives every time you donate, and I am proof of one of those lives saved. On behalf of my family, friends and everyone who has ever had the need for a blood transfusion… Thank you!

“Most people (myself included pre-diagnosis) usually only think about giving blood when a disaster occurs; they don’t realize the need is always there, especially for those battling a blood cancer. Right now, there are children with blood cancers and other illnesses, sitting in hospitals across the country, needing a blood and/or platelet transfusion… you could be the person that saves that child’s life. Giving up one hour of your time, provides others a lifetime of time, and makes you a real-life hero!”

Stewart’s Shop is running a Give A Pint, Get A Pint promotion for the month of June. Blood donors will receive a certificate for a pint of free ice cream. Visit to learn more. “

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