June is National Dairy Month

June is National Dairy Month! Celebrate with Stewart’s Shops all month long.

Stop into your local shop and enjoy the freshest milk around. Grab a gallon, half gallon, quart, or a 16oz Refresher whatever you need, we have you covered. At Stewart’s Shops, we are proud to be 6-time winner of the title “Best Milk” from Cornell University’s Milk Quality Improvement Program. The New York State Department of Agriculture and Markets, with the help of Cornel University conducts the award each year.

June is the perfect time to highlight our local dairy farms. At Stewart’s Shops, our award- winning milk that comes from over 20 local dairy farms. We pride ourselves on making fresh, great tasting milk, which would be impossible without the farms we work with. The dairy farms we work with are spread out across Washington, Saratoga, and Rensselaer counties. Each day, we pick up over 25,000 gallons of milk each day and process it right at our plant in Greenfield, New York.

Twin Brooks Farm LLC

One of our farms is the Twin Brooks Farm LLC in Hartford, New York. Our milk is always fresh and local, this farm is less than an hour away from our processing plant. Each day we pick up milk from this farm and bring it back to our plant for processing. It’s a good thing we pick up from the daily, this farm produces over 18,000 gallons of milk a day! Twin Brooks Farms LLC is a third generation family business and one we are proud to work with.

The key to fresh dairy products is to source locally. This gives us the ability to pasteurize, not ultra-pasteurize our products. When it comes to nutrition and taste, ultra-pasteurized leads to less flavor, less nutritional value, and a lower quality product. Dairy products that are ultra-pasteurized have a longer shelf life but lack flavor. Companies that ultra-pasteurize their products need the extended shelf life because of how long it takes their dairy products to get from farm to fridge.

Did you know? Our milk goes from farm to fridge in 48 hours! If you wanted fresher milk, you’d have to milk a cow yourself.

We MOO for you