Sunshine Shakes Are Here

Sunshine shake

This summer, cool down with the brand-new Sunshine Shake. It is sure to be your new favorite part of summer.

Our new Dairy Refresher is perfect for the warmer weather. This orange crème dairy shake tastes great on a warm summer day. Stop into any Stewart’s Shops and grab a taste of summer today!

You better hurry, it is only available for a limited time!

Our Dairy Refreshers are made with fresh and local milk, like all our other dairy products. We source our raw milk from 20 dairy farms across Washington, Saratoga, and Rensselaer counties, picking up over 25,000 gallons of milk each day and processing it at our dairy plant in Greenfield, NY.

When it comes to dairy products, buying local is key. Fresh milk, which is guaranteed at all Stewart’s Shops, can bypass the ultra-pasteurization process; a procedure where the milk is cooked at a very high temperature, for longer periods of time. This changes the taste of the milk; it doesn’t taste as fresh. Stewart’s requires that all milk be pasteurized for safety; however, the extremely high heat of the ultra-pasteurization process isn’t necessary. That’s because every carton of milk goes from farm to fridge in 48 hours! Our milk tastes fresh because it is!

All our refreshers at Stewart’s Shops are made fresh right at our plant in Greenfield, New York. We even make our own Refresher bottles at the plant. We have a specialized blow-mold machine just for our bottles. Why would you pay 50% more for a national brand? Stewart’s Refreshers are the best value around.

We MOO for you