Stewart’s Partners Help to Save 4 Customer’s Lives in July!

Partners helping

This summer, our Partners have helped to save our customers from some pretty scary situations. These customers were having a REALLY bad day, and our Partners recognized something wasn’t quite right and jumped into action! In just the past month, our Partners have helped to save four lives!

In Cairo
A father and son went into the shop for ice cream and the son started to drool and slide out of his seat and caught his chin on the table. The father didn’t know what was happening and the Partner saw the son was having a seizure and quickly acted. The Partner made sure the boy was on his side and called for an ambulance. This was the boy’s first seizure, and the dad was so grateful for the Partner’s quick actions!

Over in Greenfield
A regular customer came in and our Partner immediately knew something was not right. The Partner sat the customer down and gave him some water and called for an ambulance. Little did they know, the customer was actually having a stroke! The customer was so thankful and said, “I have no permanent damage, I am truly grateful for her not letting me leave the store. I believe she saved my life by her quick thinking and actions.”

And in Malta
Our Partners noticed that when a regular customer came into the shop, he didn’t seem to be acting normal. The customer went in the bathroom and came out and sat in the booth and then passed out. Our shop Partners assisted the customer’s friend in administering CPR, bringing him back to consciousness until police and EMT’s arrived.

On Saratoga Lake 
A customer collapsed near the cooler in the shop and the Partners working saw it happen and called 9-1-1 and performed CPR until paramedics arrived and continued CPR. The customer was revived by EMTs and was conscious when he left in the ambulance.

Kudos to all of these partners for being so perceptive, knowing their customers, and acting quickly.  Stewart’s Shops is so much more than a convenience store, we are part of your community.

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