Got Stewart’s Milk for the Capital Roots #HotPepperChallenge ?

Stewart's milk and a basket of peppers

Stewart’s Shops is happy to announce that we will be matching the first $10,000 worth of donations that comes in for the Capital Roots #HotPepperChallenge!

Capital Roots started a new challenge this week. The #HotPepperChallenge is to #TurnUpTheHeat and raise awareness for healthy food access for everyone. The goal of the challenge is to stress the importance of supporting local food economies, farms and producers in our region.

The mission of Capital Roots is to provide fresh foods for anyone in need. They have been working hard for 45 years in the Capital Region to deliver local food and services to underserved neighborhoods and low-income families. With 55 Community Gardens, the Veggie Mobile®, Healthy Stores, the Produce Project, their Squash Hunger campaign and many more projects, they work year-round to provide healthy food access.

Much like Capital Roots, Stewart’s Shops is a huge advocate for fresh and local food and supporting local farms. Stewart’s Shops proudly works with 20 local dairy farms to provide our award-winning dairy products.

Make sure when you #TurnUpTheHeat during your challenge you have a glass of Stewart’s milk by your side to help soothe the burning! Stewart’s Shops President Gary Dake always chases his Cajun dog with a glass of Stewart’s Skim Milk!

The challenge is simple, if you get nominated, take a 60 second video of yourself eating the hottest pepper you can handle. Eat the pepper and then talk about why you are participating in the challenge, why local markets are important and why fresh and healthy foods are important to you. Once you have eaten your pepper, it is your turn to nominate two of your friends! Post your video to any social media platform you have, Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook. When you post, make sure to use the hashtags #HotPepperChallenge and #TurnUpTheHeat. Be sure to tag Capital Roots, @CapitalrootsNY, on social media. When you’re have completed all the steps don’t forget to make a $10 donation to Capital Roots!

To donate or to find more information about Capital Roots and the #HotPepperChallenge go to the Capital Roots website,