New Product Alert! Introducing the Circus Shake!

Circus Shake refresher held by Flavor the Cow

Calling all Ringmasters and Acrobats! We just released a NEW dairy shake refresher flavor that you need to try!

Introducing the all-new, limited-edition Circus Shake!

This Refresher shake is a sweet and delectable treat that features the classic flavor we all know and love…cotton candy. It is made using the Best Milk in New York State that we pick up daily from local farms. (If you want fresher milk; you’d have to own your own cow!)

Whether you’d enjoy this Refresher as a snack or dessert, the Circus Shake is sure to satisfy your sweet tooth and transport you to a world of nostalgia!

Hurry into your local Stewart’s Shop and grab one out of the cooler while supplies last!

Our Circus Shake Refresher is another way that we MOO (Make Our Own) for you.