Kids In Uniform Will Receive $1 Off Any Regular Priced Item At The Cone Counter!

Kids in Uniform

We support active kids and want to reward them with $1 off any regularly priced item at the ice cream counter when they come in their uniform. Celebrate together and meet up at Stewart’s Shops after all your events.

Did You Know? This is not a limited time promotion; it is here to stay!

This deal is good for any kid in uniform. Whether it is a sports jersey, concert attire, or other club apparel; they are eligible for this deal.

Stop into your local Stewart’s Shop after a sports game, a band concert, or a troop meeting and pick out your favorite item from the cone counter and you’ll receive $1 off!

This deal is good for anything at the cone counter. This means ice cream cones, banana splits, hand packed pints, milkshakes, brownie sundaes, hot fudge sundaes, smoothies and more!

Here at Stewart’s Shops, we are proud to support our communities. In 2022, we donated over $1 million to various organizations that provide recreation activities to children.

We are Closer to You

*Eligible for full priced items only*

kids in uniform get 1 off