We MOO for You!

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At Stewart’s Shops, we distribute 80% of what we sell right at our plant in Greenfield, NY.

We MOO (Make Our Own) for you!

Why pay up to 50% more for a similar product from national brands? Through our vertical integration, we control the production, packaging, and shipping. Since we have so much control over our Stewart’s branded products, we can keep the costs lower than the national brands and the quality higher.

Products go directly from our plant to our shops, there is no middleman.

We have our own, chips, cookies, candy, and other snacks. We make hot food to go right in our kitchen at the plant. Our kitchen is responsible for our macaroni and cheese, chili, chicken alfredo, penne marinara, soups, egg/tuna/chicken salads and more.

We also have our own Refreshers, sodas, and seltzers, we have over 100 ways to get un-thirsty! We even make our own bottles for the Refreshers too. Our Refreshers are coded in days, not months, so you know they are fresh.

Our award-winning ice cream is made at our dairy plant in Greenfield, NY from our award-winning milk that we pick up from 20 local farms.  All of our eggs come from a local farm too.

Because of how fresh our milk is, we can pasteurize, not ultra-pasteurize. Ultra- pasteurized may sound better because adding “ultra” in front of a word makes it seem special somehow. When it comes to nutrition and taste, ultra-pasteurized leads to less flavor, less nutritional value, and a lower quality product. Dairy products that are ultra-pasteurized have a longer shelf life but lack flavor. Companies that ultra-pasteurize their products need the extended shelf life because of how long it takes their dairy products to get from farm to fridge.

Our plant ensures that Stewart’s brand products are the freshest they can be. By overseeing production, we also have more quality control compared to bigger brands.  Each product we produce is reviewed by our plant to make sure it is up to our standards.

Fresh is Better, that’s why We MOO for You!