Stewart’s Shops has the Best Milk in New York State!

Did you hear the MOOS?

Stewart’s Shops milk has been named the BEST in New York State, by Cornell University Department of Food Science. This award was presented on Dairy Day, September 1st. The recognition is part of Cornell’s New York State Milk Quality Improvement Program.

Cornell University collected samples from New York State plants. The samples of whole milk, 2%, 1%, fat free milk, flavored milk, and chocolate milk were scored on various criteria, including best flavor. Milk samples are judged on microbial analyses, fat determination, freezing point and flavor.

Stewart’s Shops proudly took top honors in the milk categories and to celebrate this award, we are giving out double punches on Milk Club Cards from Monday, September 5th to Sunday, September 11th! Don’t miss out!

We Moo For You

We partner with 20 local dairy farms to source our raw milk. Our drivers pick up the milk daily, we process and bottle it ourselves at our manufacturing plant in Greenfield, NY to ensure the highest standards of quality.

When it comes to dairy products, buying local is key to nutrition. Fresh milk, which is guaranteed at all Stewart’s Shops, can bypass the ultra-pasteurization process; a procedure which allows milk to remain shelf-stable for up to six months. Stewart’s requires that all milk be pasteurized for safety; however the extremely high heat of the ultra-pasteurization process is not necessary, because every carton of milk is sold within days of leaving local farms! And with a Stewart’s Shop available in every neighborhood, you are never far from farm-fresh milk!

According to Stewart’s Shops president, Gary Dake, “My grandfather and his brother started this business as a dairy company over 100 years ago. We take great pride in the quality of our dairy products and providing fresh and local milk to our customers. This award would not be possible without our hard-working dairy farmers and experienced dairy team.”

Travis Smith of Smith Dairy LLC is a 3rd generation dairy producer and supplies milk to Stewart’s Shops. He says, “We work hard to produce a great product. This award validates everything we do every day on the farm. We focus on cleanliness which is a top priority when it comes to getting the best quality milk. I am proud to be a dairy producer for Stewart’s Shops. I love that our milk stays local and feeds my neighbors and my family.”

Next time you walk into your shop don’t forget your Stewart’s Milk Club Card! You’ll get 1 punch for every half gallon you buy, and two punches for every gallon! And it’s not just milk – Stewart’s half gallon juices and Refresher’s count, too! 10 punches entitle you to a FREE ½ gallon of milk, juice, or drink or ½ priced gallon of milk! Don’t forget, if you use your Milk Club Card between September 5th- September 11th, you’ll get double the punches!