A Quick Stop with Warm Weather

Family of 3 holding ice cream cones and smiling

As the weather warms up you want to be spending more time outside and less time inside. Our shops are the perfect stop for a quick in and out to get whatever you need.

We have hot and cold food to go options so you can stop in, grab your food and be on your way. A coffee and an Eggwich for breakfast are the perfect pair to start your day. Don’t forget a pastry or piece of fruit to complete the meal.

Our Make Your Own hot dogs are a quick, easy, and delicious lunch or dinner. Choose between a regular hot dog, Cajun dog, or kielbasa and then dress it up with any toppings you’d like. Try our meat sauce, onions, relish or the classic combination of ketchup and mustard.  Our President Gary Dake, is an avid fan of a steamed Cajun Dog topped with yellow mustard.

Our grocery section of our shops makes your life easier. No need to walk around a big grocery store looking for what you need. The smaller aisles at our shop make finding what you need a breeze. We have the essentials like milk, eggs, butter, and bread.  You can find everything you need for an easy meal like spaghetti and meatballs, chicken & gravy with mashed potatoes, burgers, hot dogs, and so much more!

Warmer weather means ice cream. You can get a scoop, a sundae, pint, half gallon, whatever you’re in the mood for. Stop by our cone counter for a milkshake or a smoothie too. We only use fresh and local milk to make all of our award-winning ice cream.

Making Your Life Easier!