Share Your Stewart’s Love Story Contest!

*Contest is now closed* Congratulations to our winners, Lauren and Dan from Kingston, NY! Take a look at their Stewart’s Love Story:

“The scoop on Dan and I… Dan and I were college acquaintances who had lost touch until years later when we serendipitously reunited. After chatting for a bit over the phone, we arranged to meet for dinner, movies, and then wrapped up the romantic evening at Stewart’s in New Paltz, enjoying each other’s company over heaps of chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream.

A few days later, he visited me on my lunch break at work surprising me with Stewart’s chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream topped with rainbow sprinkles. Handing me the ice cream cup, he placed his arm around me and said “let’s do this,” and he wasn’t talking about the dessert. I agreed without hesitation and we enjoyed Stewart’s ice cream for lunch as a couple for the first time.

Later on we fell in love, moved in together and a few years later on a Wednesday evening, Dan came home, once again surprising me with two double scoops of Stewart’s chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream. This time, with a surprise bigger than rainbow sprinkles. He sat beside me and asked:

“What ice cream did I bring you when we first started dating?” To which I replied, “Cookie dough with rainbow sprinkles.”

He followed, “Cookie dough with rainbow sprinkles. Was it good?” “Yeah!” I exclaimed, as I indulged in my sweet treat.

He then reached behind his right side, revealing a small navy box as he knelt down. “Lauren, you’re amazing, and I love you. Will you marry me?”

“Sure!” I exclaimed as tears of joy began to develop, “For some reason I thought that was going to be a box of rainbow sprinkles!” I continued. Dan smiled at my quirky statement. “So is that a yes?” he asked, to which I excitedly exclaimed “yes!” Of course I said yes, and not just because Stewart’s chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream is my all-time favorite but because he is my best friend and my soulmate.

Shortly after the proposal, we began to plan our wedding for the autumn of 2022. It was overwhelming finding the right venue, food, and cake, all while adhering to our budget. There were so many choices, but one thing was certain besides our love: we were going to make sure we had Stewart’s ice cream at our wedding as our special dessert. Our wedding day was beautiful, emotional, and flew by so fast. After the vows, the photos, food, dancing, and all of the joy, we ended the evening with a toast holding scoops of Stewart’s chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream.”





It’s February, which means it’s time for round 2 of the Stewart’s 12 Months of “Make Your Own Prize” Contests! Every month, we’ll be posting a new contest where you can make your own prize, choosing between a YEAR’S WORTH of free Stewart’s Coffee or Ice Cream. *

February’s contest is a sweet one! To enter, just fill out the form below and share your Stewart’s Love Story for your chance to win. Whether you met your sweetheart at Stewart’s Shops, got engaged wearing a Stewart’s beanie, or fueled up with us on your way to say your vows, we want to hear it!

Your Stewart’s Love Stories don’t just have to be about a significant other. Did you experience something special at a shop? Or maybe you just want to profess your love for Stewart’s Shops to the world! Share the love and fill out the form below with your story by February 19th to enter!

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*Contest prizes will be provided in the form of Stewart’s gift certificates. Winners who select a year’s worth of ice cream will receive 52 half gallon ice cream certificates, and winners who select a year’s worth of coffee will receive 180 twelve oz coffee certificates & a $280 Stewart’s My Money Card.