Peanut Butter Cookie Is Making A Return To Shops For A Limited Time!

Back By popular demand. An image of a half gallon of Peanut Butter Cookie ice cream

You have asked and we have delivered!

Peanut Butter Cookie ice cream is making its long-awaited return to shops in half gallons for a limited time!

This rich cookie dough ice cream has a peanut butter cookie swirl and chunks of peanut butter cookie dough, yum! All shops will have this flavor in by the end of this weekend! Hurry, they will go fast!

Stewart’s Shops has a lot of choices when it comes to ice cream, sherbet, and frozen yogurt. How do we make all these delicious options? Ice cream is delicate, and we treat it with care from start to finish. Every flavor starts with either a white base or a chocolate base and just the right amount of air. It’s like Goldie Locks, too much air and the ice cream is light, too little air and the texture is like a fudgsicle. Stewart’s ice cream has less air than many of the supermarket brands that are trying to cut corners to lower the price! This is yet another way we MOO (Make Our Own) for you!

You can count on us as a quick and easy stop for all your essentials…and a little ice cream too!

We Are Your Ice Cream Shop.

Look at our customer reviews of this deliciousness below:

Peanut Butter Cookie Fan Comment

Peanut Butter Cookie Fan Comment