‘Tis the Season for Stewart’s Eggnog!

A quart sized carton of Stewart's Eggnog. The Best Eggnog in Syracuse. The text reads It's Flavor Time!

Fresh, local, and delicious! Stewart’s eggnog is now available in quarts as well as our 16 oz. Refreshers. It’s the perfect way to get in the holiday spirit, especially this year when many are doing their holiday shopping early!

We carry Premium and Light Eggnog, both made with quality ingredients including fresh milk sourced from local dairy farms across Washington and Saratoga counties. Stewart’s Eggnog is the real thing, and it’s always fresh, which is why it’s become such a fan-favorite!

To help keep that great flavor you know and love, our Eggnog is pasteurized, NOT ultra-pasteurized. Although prefix for “ultra-”pasteurization suggests that it is in some way better, in fact, the opposite is true when it comes to value and nutrition. Our eggnog is simply “pasteurized” making it a minimally processed dairy product, produced locally! And with a Stewart’s Shop available in every neighborhood, you are never far from farm-fresh milk!

Stop by and grab a Stewart’s Eggnog from the cooler today. Enjoy it by itself, added to coffee or in your favorite, classic holiday drink. Don’t forget, our eggnog is available all year round if you ever get a craving!