Stewart’s Shops is proud to partner with The Duanesburg Youth Leadership Group for Project Sticker Shock!

Project Sticker Shock

Stewart’s Shops is Proud to Support Project Sticker Shock.

What is Project Sticker Shock?

It is an awareness campaign used to educate the public and change attitudes about selling and serving alcohol to anyone under 21. The project organizes the youth to place stickers on alcohol beverages in local stores. The stickers contain a warning: “Providing alcohol to a person under 21 is a crime.” (

The Duanesburg Youth Leadership Group will be in select shops a week before Thanksgiving. Research shows that prior to and after the Thanksgiving Holiday, that alcohol is more easily accessible to underage youth – i.e., purchased by older siblings, plus more access within homes when purchased by adults.

20 student volunteers recently visited two different Stewart’s Shops at:

  • Shop #116 located at 4032 NY-30 in Esperance
  • Shop #250 located at 5060 Western Turnpike in Delanson

At these shops you will see these stickers placed on certain alcoholic beverages to bring awareness to underage drinking prevention.

At Stewart’s Shops, WE I.D. If you look under 30 years old, we will ask for ID- each and every time. We follow NY and VT approved state policies.

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