Host a Coffee Day at Stewart’s Shops!

Coffee Buy

Sometimes it’s the little things that mean the most. A free cup of coffee can leave a lasting impression on your prospective and current customers and Stewart’s Shops can help! And we all know Stewart’s coffee is GREAT coffee!

And now you can host your own Free Coffee Day at your local Stewart’s Shop. We’ve partnered with local banks, health care centers, car dealerships, and so many others for Free Coffee Days.

How does it work?

1. Pick the date you’d like to host the event
You pick the day that works for you and pick up the tab from open until close. Coffee sales are much slower in the afternoon, but hosting the entire day offers more marketing power and branding opportunity.

2. Promote the event
Once you have your date, let’s promote it! Put the news in your company newsletter, on your blog, and social channels. Some people even create a Facebook event. We can help with signs and even promote on Stewart’s TV. Some companies order imprinted coffee sleeves, special napkins, and swag the day of the event, but that’s up to you!

3. Tracking
We will keep track of all of the hot coffees sold and provide those numbers to you. You pick up the bill (and maybe some new customers too).

If you are interested in hosting your own Free Coffee Day at Stewart’s Shops, we can help. Just call us at (518) 581 -1201 to coordinate the details.

We Are Your Coffee Shop!