From Non-Ethanol Gas to Essential Food & Car Care, Stewart’s is There for You!

Let Stewart’s be your one stop shop for all the essentials for ice and snow. We have snacks, gloves, hats, car care, firewood and more!

It’s still wintertime and in the Northeast storms can be unpredictable. Snow, ice, sleet, freezing temperatures and more can all hit at a moment’s notice. Let Stewart’s be your one stop shop for all things ice and snow. We pride ourselves on being a reliable stop during the harsh winter months for the communities we serve. Here’s why:

Many of our shops offer premium non-ethanol gas.

Premium non-ethanol is the best option for winter equipment like snowblowers and snowmobiles. It’s a less corrosive option and will help keep your smaller engines firing better, for longer. This gas improves your gas mileage, produces less emissions and has a higher energy content, which means more power for your engine. We also carry regular gas, kerosene and diesel (at select shops).

Our shops are stocked with ALL the essentials you need when a storm hits.

Keep your driveway and sidewalk clear and safe with shovels and ice melt. We also have antifreeze, deicer, and wiper fluid to help your car stay in good condition, along with snowbrushes to keep it clean.

Stay warm with winter gear like hats, beanies, gloves and hand warmers. And don’t forget to pick up some firewood to keep your house nice and toasty.

winter essentials like shovel, deicer, ice melt, gloves etc.   firewood  hot Coffee with French vanilla Creamer

Stop in for our hot coffee, it’s a fantastic way to warm up! We also have a great line up hot food to-go options like mac and cheese and chili that make the perfect snack for colder weather.

For a quick, easy grocery stop during severe weather, we have quality essentials like, milk, eggs, butter and bread. Our shops are smaller than grocery stores, meaning we’re the quickest stop during harsh conditions and lets you get home safe faster.

Let us be your one stop shop this winter! We Are Closer to You.