Stewart’s Story: Meet Brett, One of Our Certified Milk Inspectors

When Brett, one of our certified milk inspectors, visits our dairy farms he is there to make sure all of the happy cows are taken care of. A Stewart's milk inspector petting a cow.

Meet Brett! He’s been with Stewart’s Shops for almost 19 years and currently works as one of our certified milk inspectors. His position is a perfect example of how Stewart’s is vertically integrated, ensuring the high quality of our products from start to finish. For him, it’s all about our fresh and local milk. When he visits our family run dairy farms he is there to make sure that all of the cows are taken care of, as well as all of the equipment. From there, the milk is picked up fresh by Stewart’s milk trucks and brought to our plant to be processed, bottled, and delivered to our shops within 48 hrs. In 2023, Stewart’s was awarded Best Milk in New York State and Brett explains that “having the control and care, and the pride really helps us win Best Milk.” Aside from making sure the farms are taken care of, Brett also prides himself on the strong relationships he created with our farmers over the years. He cannot credit them enough for all that they do. Our farmers put in a lot of hard work and dedication making sure they produce a high-quality product and maintain healthy happy cows.

Stewart’s Story Brett Milk Inspector from Stewart’s Shops Corp on Vimeo.