Seasonal Ice Cream Flavors Coming Soon to a Shop Near You!

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Get ready to SPRING into Stewart’s Seasonal Ice Cream Flavors!

We’re thrilled to announce that our seasonal flavors are finalized, official and oh-so-amazing! There will be 5 new flavors and one returning fan favorite from last year. These flavors will make their way to the ice cream counter one at a time, each week starting in March.

Our Flavor Creators have settled on the perfect lineup. From fruity to decadent and beyond, we’re covering the full flavor palate this year. Below are some pictures of the scoops. Can you guess the flavor combinations?

700 x 544 Seasonal Scoop 1 700x544 Seasonal Scoop 2

Have you ever wondered how we choose our seasonal ice cream flavors?

Every year our Ice Cream Creators start with 50-100 unique flavor options. This year, they started with approximately 55 flavors to go through.

Next is the taste testing process, everyone’s dream job. The first step in this process is to pair the base flavors with swirls, candies and nuts to find good combinations. Once the combinations are made, our Ice Cream Creators will do several rounds of taste testing with small groups at our ice cream plant. This year, they conducted 14 rounds. They determine which flavors make the cut based on feedback from these groups. And use their recommendations to create the perfect flavor combinations.

Want to know a few of the flavor finalists that didn’t make the final roster this year?

  • Peach Cobbler
  • Dulce de Leche & Coffee
  • Muddy Buddy Cheesecake
  • Cinnamon Bun Cheesecake

If these sound delicious, just wait and see what flavors did make the cut!

Why Stewart’s Ice Cream is the best quality around!

We’ve been in the ice cream business for over 100 years. With that experience comes delicious ice cream. We MOO (Make Our Own) ice cream right in Saratoga County, NY, using quality ingredients like our award-winning milk. Did you know? Stewart’s Shops won Best Milk, Best Flavored Milk, Best Chocolate Ice Cream, AND Best Open Class Ice Cream in New York State at this year’s State Fair!

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