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Stewart’s Shops has taken many green initiatives over the years! From solar panel installations to hydropower dams, we have many forms of clean energy technologies in place so our customers can feel good about shopping at Stewart’s. We are a company that truly cares about the communities that we are a part of, reflected in many of our environmental efforts.

Eco-Responsibility is the responsibility an individual or organization assumes when they impact their direct environment. At Stewart’s Shops we take this very seriously. We have many green initiatives in place such as solar power, electric vehicle (EV) charging stations, and hydropower electricity. These pages also go over our gasoline responsibility and how we monitor our sites and clean up legacy contamination.

On our Electric Vehicles Page, you can learn what EVs are, the reality of EVs, their future impacts, and what our personal EV plan is as a company!

Tesla's charging at a Shop


FUN FACT: Stewart’s currently has 11 EV Level 3 Charging sites!


On our Solar and Hydro Page, you can learn about what solar and hydropower electricity are and how they work. You can also find out how Stewart’s Shops uses these forms of renewable energy! On this page, there is a link to our live solar data where you can look at the energy we’re generated with our plant roof solar panels in real time! See how much energy our panels have taken in today, last week, last month, last year, and in total!

plant rooftop solar panels

Did you know? Our Manufacturing Plant has 2,400 individual solar panels on its rooftop!

how much energy stewart's solar panels generated in terms of trees saved, carbon offset, and kWhs in general.

Stewart’s Lifetime Solar Data as of 1/25/23

On our Gasoline Responsibility Page, you can learn about our geological team, how we prevent spills, what we do to monitor our tanks, and you can learn what legacy contamination is and how we clean it up at all our sites.

shop with a gas pump


Did You Know? When Stewart’s purchases a new property, sometimes the previous owners or old buildings leave ground contaminants behind. Our team runs ground contamination tests and before any construction takes place, we make sure all contaminants have been removed.


Stewart’s Shops has many green initiatives in place and these pages teach you more about them from a customer and business side! Our world is changing and it’s important to know what technologies your local businesses are using. At Stewart’s Shops, our goal has always been to be your community partner. Investing in these environmentally friendly energy alternatives is a step closer towards a greener planet. These pages will continue to grow, so keep an eye out for the addition of our plant energy initiatives and in-shop efforts pages.

Click HERE to view our Eco-Responsibility Pages.

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