Make Your Own Career!

Partner in a shop

Stewart’s Shops is famous for its Make Your Own Sundaes and Make Your Own Coffee, but it also provided opportunities for 100’s of Partners to “Make Their Own Career!” Stewart’s prides itself on investing, training, and growing its partners by offering 20 different seminars and spending over 4 million dollars annually just on training!

Whether it’s at a Shop, our Warehouse, or our Corporate Office there is always opportunities for our Partners to grow and at a pace that is comfortable for them. We offer “try it” programs that allow Partners to work in a new position and/or department they may be interested in, before fully committing to a transfer. If it is not the right move, they return to their current role.

Our culture of training and growing our Partners is why Stewart’s has become so successful and why so many of our Partners have “Made Their Own Careers!”
For example:

  • 30% of our Truck Drivers started as warehouse workers and earned their CDL licenses while working at Stewart’s. Stewart’s has its own internal NYS approved CDL Training program to make it even easier for interested Partners to earn a CDL license and become a truck driver with Stewart’s.
  • 60% of our Shop Managers were previously Shop Partners who grew within Stewart’s as Shift Supervisors, Assistant Managers and eventually Managers in Training. To increase the odds of success, the average Manager in Training will spend 6 months in training before officially becoming a Manager.
  • 50% of our District Managers were Shop Managers before they were promoted.
  • 5 of our 6 Senior District Managers began their careers as Shop Managers and worked their way up.
  • Both of Stewart’s Vice Presidents of Operations began their careers as part time Partners while attending College. Upon graduation, they both became Stewart’s Shops Managers working their way up to District Managers, Senior District Managers and now VP’s…Can’t find a more impressive example of Making Your Own Career than that!