Catskill Gets a New Stewart’s Shop and Loudonville’s Shop is Rebuilt

Catskill Grand Opening

We are proud to celebrate the opening of two more shops recently. Our new shop in the Village of Catskill is a brand new shop and welcome addition to this quaint village. The old shop on Everett Rd. was torn down and completely rebuilt to better serve the needs of the busy Loudonville community.

Catskill/West Bridge Street

Nestled into the heart of the historic river town in the village of Catskill, residents are elated to have all of the amenities of a brand new Stewart’s Shop. The construction project met some obstacles, but overcame them and recently opened for business.

This historical village sits along the Hudson River and prides itself on being the ‘Birthplace of American Art’. The new Stewart’s Shop is one block away from a very busy Main Street and is in close proximity to the Catskill Central School District. Students and teachers can  stop in for a quick meal or ice cream after school or on their breaks. The shop will serve as a pedestrian stop and a commuter shop to serve this busy community with fresh and local dairy products, ice cream, gas, and all the essentials.

In honor of this event, we will donate $1,500 in the form of milk and egg certificates to Matthew 25 Food Pantry.

Everett Rd/Loudonville

Our Everett Rd. shop in Loudonville shop was completely rebuilt and got a nice upgrade with the addition of more gas pumps and diesel and a fresh new look for this busy part of town. Commuters and locals are very excited about this huge upgrade!

In honor of this new shop, we donated $2,000 to the Town of Colonie Library to expand their digital collection and for technology needs.

New Shops 
2020 was a busy year for our construction team! We rounded out 2020 with 7 new to market shops and 10 completely rebuilt shops for a total of 340 shops with the Red-Kap asset acquisition. Looking forward to 2021, we plan on opening 3 new shops and rebuilding 11 shops.