Another Remodeled Shop

We recently remodeled our shop in Scotia, New York! The recent updates will allow the shop to support this growing community for years to come.

This remodel was extensive and unfortunately, we had to close the shop down for 2 days. We apologize for the inconvenience, but the upgrades were well worth it and the shop is now open!

The interior of the shop is where most of the work took place. New flooring, a new countertop layout and a new food bar are just some of the changes you will see. The shop also received new wallpaper and a new ceiling! These changes will allow the shop to flow better, look better, and give customers a better experience in our shop.

For this project we decided to film a time-lapse to show all the work that was done! We did a lot of work and the shop was only closed for two days.

Check out the video below!

*Upbeat music playing*

Commuters on their way to and from work, as well as community members will welcome these additions to the shop. Conveniently located on Route 5 the shop is a quick in and out right outside the heart of the village of Scotia.

Did you know this fun fact about the village of Scotia?  A “Tartan” is the mascot for Scotia-Glenville Central School District. The mascot is a bagpiper from the Scottish Highlands who is wearing a traditional tartan outfit of patterned cloth similar to plaid! One of the first European settlers in the Scotia area was Alexander Lindsay Glen, a native of Scotland, and when naming his first estate in Scotia he called it “Nova Scotia” meaning “New Scotland” in Latin.

This is not our only investment into the community. Last year we helped the village build an all-inclusive playground in Maalwyck Park. As the community’s needs continue to grow, we are happy to share and invest in the community!

Our construction team is hard at work year-round. Read more about all the construction we’ve been up to in 2022 here.

Here We Grow Again!