Our Recent Shop Remodels!

Our construction team has been very busy with remodels this spring!

So far, we have remodeled almost 10 shops. We try to upgrade our shops whenever they outgrow their community’s needs. Remodels are a little different than total rebuilds.  For a rebuild, we will tear down the old shop and build a new, often bigger shop than before. A remodeled shop tends to have the same shop footprint as before, but the shop gets updated to better serve the needs of the community.

Remodels include updates like new countertops, a fresh coat of paint, new floors, or an upgraded bathroom. Some shops will get a got food bar put in, more booths, new appliances, or a totally new layout. We also will upgrade our outdoor space too. Additions to a shop like fresh landscaping, new patios, new outdoor seating, and a freshly paved parking lot make a huge difference to the overall feel of a shop.

We would love to be able to rebuild every single shop, but that is just not possible. Our remodels are a great way to bring that new shop feel to a community and continue to support their growing needs.

Check out some of the newly remodeled shops below!

Shop 207 in Dannemora, New York swapped their old wallpaper for a fresh coat of paint, got new countertops and more. This shop is an important stop to all the commuters in town. It is a quick in and out for coffee in the morning or a cheeseburger for lunch. The remodel is a welcome upgrade to the old shop.

Shop 417 in Queensbury, New York got new countertops, added a food bar and a beverage bar and a beer cave! This shop is a great stop on your way in or out of town. It is conveniently located in a triangle with Quaker Road, Dix Ave, and NYS Route 32.  Locals and commuters alike will be able to stop in the shop and get whatever they need.

These are just a couple pictures from our recent remodels.

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