Spring into Dip at the Dip Off!

Its Flavor Time over an image of the dip off winner with the mascots and her managers

What is a dip off? It’s an ice cream event that combines training and good old fashioned competition. Each district holds a dip off between the partners to see who can scoop the most perfect single scoop cone, blend the best milkshake, and construct the ultimate banana split. The winners from the neighboring districts meet at the Stewart’s Manufacturing and Distribution plant for the final faceoff. Here the winner can claim they are the Stewart’s Super Scooper for 2020 and enjoy the $100 prize.

The annual dip off is held to teach the partners our ice cream recipes and to promote consistency across the company. At Stewart’s Shops, we want you to have the same great ice cream experience at all of our shops.

Did you know? We have a Scoop Club for all of our ice cream treats. Once you buy ANY 10 items from the cone counter you get one free. It’s Flavor Time at Stewart’s Shops!