Product Donation Options


  • Ice cream* (3 gallon box, each serves 50) Choose from flavors available in cone size
  • Make Your Own Sundae Kit (3 gallon box of ice cream, serves 50, plus toppings, bowls, napkins, spoons, and a scoop)

*Please specify if bowls/spoons are needed for ice cream requests


  • Hot dogs (8 per pack)
  • Hot dog and hamburger rolls (8 per pack)
  • Donuts (6 per box – glazed, chocolate, cinnamon sugar, or seasonal flavor)
  • Eggs (case of 9 dozen)
  • English Muffins
  • Bread
  • Butter (by the pound)


  • Refreshers: half gallon (case of 9) or 20 oz (case of 16)
  • Stewart’s soda 2 liter (case of 6) or 20 oz (case of 24)
  • Stewart’s Milk whole, 2%, 1%, fat free, or chocolate. Gallon (case of 4) or half gallon (case of 9) or 16 oz (case of 16)
  • Stewart’s Seltzer (1L case of 12 or 20oz case of 24)
  • Stewart’s Cold Brew (20oz Refresher Size)
  • Stewart’s Ground Coffee (12oz bags)

*Chocolate milk not available in gallon size

NOTE: Other Stewart’s items may be available upon request.*

*Our Food To Go and Crock Items are not available for donation.  This includes but not limited to pizza, sub sandwiches, eggwiches, breakfast sandwiches, ice and boxes of coffee.