In Loving Memory: Stewart’s Mountain Brew Beer

Mountain Brew cans with message Cheers to the Memories

Recently, our President Gary Dake announced that 2020 would bring another devastating blow: the discontinuation of our Mountain Brew beer. Mountain Brew Ice and Mountain Brew Light (discontinued 2018) have been a part of the Stewart’s product family for nearly 10 years now, and as we prepare for their departure, we thought we’d look back at some of our customers’ Mountain Brew memories.

There were the good:

Good tweets about Mountain brew

The Bad:

Bad tweets about Mountain Brew

The Bizarre:

Bizarre tweets about Mountain Brew

P.S.- After years of keeping us in suspense, Gary Dake finally confirmed during a Two Buttons Deep Squadcast what is truly going on with this icon. Apparently, this icon is doing exactly what it looks like-throwing up. Despite this confirmation, we remain confident that Mountain Brew was not responsible!

And finally, the Blissfully Unaware:

Unaware tweets about Mountain Brew

Whether you loved it or hated it, Mountain Brew will always hold a special place in our hearts- unless you were in the category of not knowing it existed in the first place. There is still time to make a run to your local shop and grab your very last can!

RIP Mountain Brew Tombstones