Stewarts Shops

Congratulations to the Stewart’s Moovers Club!


The April Moovers Club was recently recognized for exhibiting outstanding leadership, selling, and training skills. Each Moover received a Stewart's jacket and was treated to lunch with President Gary Dake and Regional DM Mike Harran. The Moovers include:

Jeanna Gibbs - Asst. Manager, Grove Street (District 24)
Jim Wetmiller - Corporate Construction (Ridge)
Garry Bathrick - Asst. Manager, Red Hook (District 22)
Hilary Flynt - Sanitation (Plant)
John Swart - Manager, 112th Street (District 1)
Justin Price - Shop Care (District 3)
Ceara Duval - Shift Supervisor., Ticonderoga (District 7)
Tina Piche - Manager Trainee (District 11)
Rosanne Wipf - Manager, Guilderland (District 21)

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