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Lottery Winners

Stewart’s Shops is your lucky stop for the lottery.

Did you know? Within the first quarter of 2024 three customers have become millionaires because they played the lottery at Stewart’s!

Starting off 2024 right, on January 2nd a lucky customer won $1M at our Orange Lake shop on a Cash X 20 scratch off ticket. Not too long after on January 17th we had another $1M winner at our Watervliet shop. This customer won on a scratch off ticket called Holiday Treasure. At the end of the month on January 29th we had another customer win a million dollars on a scratch off ticket! This time it was a Cashword Bonus that was purchased at our Johnstown shop.

A Cash X 20 $5 scratch off ticket. A Holiday Treasure $10 Scratch Off Ticket. A 1 Million Dollar Cashword $10 scratch off ticket.

Here are some of our other BIG winners so far this year:

1/16/24 – Hudson: $500,000 Cash Payout

1/17/24 – New Hartford: $500,000 Year of the Dragon

1/20/24 – Albany Stewart’s Express: $50,000 Powerball

2/23/24 – Hartford: $50,000 Set for Life

3/9/24 – North Hoosick: $50,000 200X

3/22/24 – Corinth: $50,000 VIP Millions

3/27/24 – Gouverneur: $50,000 Powerball

As one of the largest lottery retailers in New York State, Stewart’s Shops had over $139 million in winning tickets sold in 2023!

Did you know? New York State Lottery supports New York State Education! The New York Lottery is North America’s largest and most profitable Lottery, contributing $3.7 billion (in fiscal year 2022-23) to help support education in New York State.

Could you be our next big winner?

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