Winner Selected for the What’s Your Flavor Essay Contest!

winning entry for the What's Your Flavor ContestCongratulations to Caroline B. for submitting the winning entry for the What’s Your Flavor Contest. Caroline won a year’s worth of ice cream for her creative entry on Mint Cookie Crumble!

Here’s the winning submission:

Mint Cookie Crumble has been a favorite of mine ever since I saw my sister get two large scoops of it placed neatly in a waffle cone. I associate a lot with the flavor; my family piling into a 7-person car to reach the nearest Stewart’s, long walks with my mother while holding half-eaten cones after the sun dipped below the mountains, holding a pint in my hands while i wait with friends to get picked up by my parents, parking my bike haphazardly next to a tree before crossing the lot to an reach air conditioned heaven… All of these memories… tied to one flavor of ice cream. The cooling mint combined with the delicious crunch of chocolate cookies into one ice cream was always a delight that I would go lengths just to find. I still find myself asking to be driven to Stewart’s to buy half a gallon of Mint Cookie Crumble, originally intended only for myself, but becomes a chilly treat that I can share with everyone. It’s something that can be enjoyed by anyone with anyone, and that’s what’s so special about it. Mint Cookie Crumble is a one of a kind ice cream that I’ve always loved, and I’m pretty sure that I’ll keep loving it for years to come.