Why the Plastic Bag Ban is a Bad Idea

With many New York counties considering laws to ban plastic bags, legislators aren’t thinking about the negative impact this law will have on walking customers in need of thicker plastic bags. Not everyone has a car and for those people, walking to the store for their essentials is a way of life. Stewart’s Shops provides walking customers with a thick, durable, and re-usable plastic bag to make their lives easier.

The number of customers requesting a bag with their purchase is small at Stewart’s Shops; in fact, only about 25% of customers receive a bag with their purchase. Stewart’s Shops offers bags for
convenience, and unlike a trip to a grocery store, which is often pre-planned, a quick stop for milk and bread at Stewart’s is more impulsive and it’s unlikely a customer would have their own bags. For those customers that would like a reusable tote bag, Stewart’s offers re-usable bags in every shop for .99.

Stewart’s Shops President, Gary Dake said, “Our support to offer plastic bags is purely motivated by customer convenience. We purchase more expensive quality plastic bags that are much different than the thin bags most retailers offer because our customers need them. They re-use these bags and we simply don’t want to take plastic bags away from our walking customers. If you’ve ever walked in the rain with a paper bag, you know that paper bags fall apart and that’s not acceptable, especially for our walking customers.”

Stewart’s Shops believes in taking meaningful steps to make a positive difference for the environment. Their recycling program results in 6 tons of cardboard being recycled every day. To further minimize the use of cardboard, many products are shipped to Stewart’s Shops in their own reusable plastic containers including totes, dairy cases, ice cream baskets and bread trays. At the shop level, they offer a number of reusable coffee mugs, and the to-go cups are made from paper rather than Styrofoam, which was recently banned in Albany county.