We Need Help Flavor Naming & We’re Recruiting You!

Its Flavor Time, flavor holding mystery ice cream cone

Help us name three new limited edition flavors! We’ll be rolling out our new spring ice cream flavors at our shops very soon, and an important step is naming them! We need creative suggestions from our customers and social media followers to help name these limited edition flavors.

This naming game is just for fun! There are no prizes other than bragging rights!

Do you want to add “I named a Stewart’s ice cream” to your resume? Now’s your chance! From now through mid-February, we are recruiting YOU to help us name three new flavors. All of our flavor naming will take place on our Facebook page. Just look for the post pinned to the top – It’s Flavor Time!

Our first flavor to be named has these ingredients: • Chocolate Base • Baked Brownie Pieces • Baked Cheesecake Pieces

chocolate base, baked brownie and cheesecake pieces, flavor the cow

*Update* The Winning Name: Bake Placid Cheesecake

Our second ice cream flavor to be named has hints of lemon and a raspberry swirl.

flavor with cone, hints of lemon and raspberry variegate

*Update* The Winning Name: Lemon Raspberry Swirl

Our third ice cream flavor to be named is a cold brew flavored ice cream with coffee cookie dough and cold brew flakes.

Cold brew flavored ice cream with coffee cookie dough & cold brew flakes

*Update* The Winning Name: Cold Brew Cookie Dough

We will deliberate on your suggestions for what these flavor names will be and we’ll announce all the flavor names here and on our social media pages as soon as we know!