The Sunshine Shake Is Back!

Sunshine Shake Is Back! 2023

We’re bringing the sunshine this summer! Our limited-edition Sunshine Shake is back at Stewart’s Shops.

This 16oz orange crème Dairy Refresher is the perfect blend of fruitiness that is bound to make your taste buds happy!

At Stewart’s Shops we have a variety of Refreshers available all year long. These include Juice Refreshers, Tea and Lemonade Refreshers, Dairy Refreshers, and even Coffee Refreshers! They’re the perfect way to stay hydrated while you’re on the go.

Did you know? All our refreshers at Stewart’s Shops are made fresh at our plant in Greenfield, New York. Why pay 50% more on national brands when fresh tastes better? Stewart’s Refreshers are the best value around and you won’t find fresher beverages anywhere else!

The Stewart’s Refresher Difference:

  • After the Refreshers are pasteurized, they are immediately cooled down and then stored and shipped at cold temperatures.
  • Our Refreshers are NEVER put in a warm climate. This ensures that our customers are receiving the freshest product possible.
  • We don’t put long codes on our Refreshers either. Refreshers are coded in days vs. months unlike our competitors.
  • Our Dairy Refreshers are made with fresh and local milk, from the farm to the shop in 48 hours or less!
  • Have you noticed that our Refresher bottles don’t look like anybody else’s? This is because we don’t buy the bottles; we make them ourselves using a blow-mold machine!

It’s a difference you can taste, and it’s all because We MOO (Make Our Own) for you.

Don’t wait to try the Sunshine Shake, it’s only available for a limited time!

There are over 100 ways to get Un-Thirsty at Stewart’s Shops.