Stewart’s Shops Partners with American Dairy Association North East and Local Dairy Farms to Offer Fresh Dairy Smoothies to Local Students

Farm to School event group picture

October is National Farm to School Month
In celebration of National Farm to School Month, Saratoga Springs High School distributed smoothies made with local New York State milk and yogurt to students during breakfast.

Saratoga Springs School District Receives New Blender
The school recently received a new smoothie blender donated through a collaborative effort between the Dairy Council Health Foundation and Stewart’s Shops to help increase student access to locally-produced and nutritious foods.

Students Enjoyed Smoothie Samples
Local dairy farmer Dylan Durkee, of Durkacres Farm, was there to hand out samples of Pumpkin Spice and Very Berry smoothies and helped highlight how milk makes its way from farm to school.

Handing out smoothie samples to students

Smoothies are Made with Fresh & Local Milk from Stewart’s 
Stewart’s Shops has been providing Saratoga Springs High School with their milk for the past twenty years. The smoothies provide a nutritious breakfast option for students with 8 oz of milk, 4 oz of yogurt and 4 oz of fruit.  Stewart’s trucks pick up milk daily from Durkacres Farm and other local dairy farms in Washington and Saratoga counties, and process that milk at the dairy plant in Greenfield, NY. The milk makes its way to the Stewart’s shelves in 24-48 hours, now that’s fresh and local!

Making the Smoothies

The morning celebration also showcased NY Thursdays, a statewide Farm-to-School initiative that promotes locally-sourced foods, helping students understand where their food comes from.

Group Photo supporting Farm to School initiative

Pictured from left to right: Megan Kearney, Saratoga Springs High School Cook Manager; Dylan Durkee, Durkacres Farm; Erica Komoroske, Stewart’s Shops PR Specialist; Matt Keen, Saratoga Springs City School District Assistant School Lunch Director; Caitlin Drysdale, American Dairy Association North East Youth Programs Specialist; Margaret Sullivan, Saratoga Springs City School District School Lunch Program Director; Abby Case, Saratoga Springs High School Cook Manager; Samantha Collina, Dietetic Intern; and Joe Greco, Saratoga Springs City School District Director of Budget and Program Integration.