A word from our farmers!

Stewarts milk truck at a farm. Always fresh and local

Dairy Month is a great time to share our appreciation for the family farms that provide us fresh, quality milk all year long!

From the farm to the shop in 48 hours or less! We pick up milk every day and see for ourselves that our farmers are responsibly caring for their cows and place high importance on herd health. The milk is brought back to our dairy where it is pasteurized, not ultra-pasteurized (which gives the fresh flavor vs other milk with that cooked flavor), and bottled.

We deliver it to our own shops in 48 hours or less, so you know you are getting high quality at a great value.

Want even more good news about our fresh and local products? Stewart’s Shops milk and eggs are New York State certified: a new standard for New York State agriculture. Stewart’s milk and eggs come from local farms that meet specific food safety standards and demonstrate environmental stewardship.

When you buy Stewart’s Fresh and Local Milk you can feel good about what you’re serving your family and that you’re supporting your local farmer and their family. Let’s hear from some of our farmers –