Stewart’s Shenanigan Shake makes a comeback in time for St. Patrick’s Day season

Shenanigan Shake Is Back! Flavor the cow holding the mint Shake for St. Patrick's Day shenanigans.

It’s cool. It’s creamy. It’s minty and refreshing!

Stewart’s Shops brought back the limited-edition Shenanigan Shake Refresher just in time for St. Patrick’s Day season.

This 16 ounce treat is made with the Best Milk in New York State and Shenanigan Shake fans have invented a whole host of tasty ways to enjoy it!

Some mix in a little chocolate and whipped cream. Some pour it into a cup of Stewart’s limited-edition Irish Cream Coffee. Some take it home to mix with their favorite liqueur. Many customers just pop the cap off and enjoy it straight from the cooler.

Here’s another quick combination to jazz up St. Patrick’s Day season. Mix a Shenanigan Shake Refresher with a scoop or two of Stewart’s Mint Cookie Crumble Ice Cream or maybe our Mint Chip Ice Cream. Yum!

What’s your Flavor?