Leap of Kindness Day 2024

Group of Partners celebrating Leap Year with a kindness day.

February 29th only comes around once every 4 years so why not celebrate the day with kindness.

Leap of Kindness Day was invented by the Saratoga County Chamber of Commerce in 2016.  The idea is to have community members use the extra day that Leap Year provides to do something kind for someone else. Many people donate their time and talent to help charities, nonprofit organizations, first responders, seniors, Veterans, teachers, and health care workers. In 2020, Leap of Kindness Day expanded outside the capital region to the rest of the US, Canada and even Ireland. We’re hoping for even greater success in 2024.

This year, Stewart’s Shops Partners donated their time to support three organizations.

  • Franklin Community Center in Saratoga Springs: Project Lift. Partners assisted kids with homework and held a Make Your Own Sundae Party with some Stewart’s Shops trivia questions.
  • The Wesley Community in Saratoga Springs: Nursing Home. Partners provided ice cream and coffee for residents.
  • Lifework Community Action in Saratoga Springs: Meal Delivery Program. Partners worked together, packed donated food items, and delivered them to homes around the area. 647 pounds of goods and 760 items were served to 57 residents in 20 households.


Looking beyond Leap of Kindness Day, Stewart’s Shops is regularly committed to community giving and supporting our neighboring communities. Stewart’s Shops and the Dake Family have an annual goal to donate $9 million. Stewart’s Shops and the two related family foundations will each donate $3 million to thousands to local charities. Included in these donations are product, gift certificates and monetary donations. Our charitable focus is health, education, children’s recreation and the arts.

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