Stewart’s Milk Club Now Universal!

The Stewart’s Milk Club that you’ve always known and loved is now universal!

Before, there were cards associated with each of our shops and were only accepted at that location. As of August 27th, you can now use your card at ANY Stewart’s Shops location!

Bring in your old ones! Your existing punches can be transferred to a new card.

The Milk Club still works as it did before, each half gallon is one punch and each gallon is two punches. After ten punches you receive a FREE half gallon or half off a gallon. Drinks included in the program are milk, juice, and Refreshers. All of which are made right at our plant in Saratoga Springs! Another way we MOO (Make Our Own) for you.

Also, check out our new Scoop Club! Pick up a card, buy any 10 items from our cone counter and get one free. Learn more here.

It’s flavor time!