Stewart’s Ice Cream Holding Contest Results!

A stewart's customer holding 50 half gallons of ice cream with the words It's Flavor Time

To celebrate the Stewart’s Half Gallon Ice Cream Sale last week, we held an ice cream holding contest. One person was selected from everyone that shared our Facebook post. If you missed it, be sure to follow us on Facebook for more fun events and contests.

Judy H. from Stamford, NY won the chance to take home as many half gallons as she could hold. The event took place at the Stamford Stewart’s Shop on Wednesday 5/8.

Surprising everyone, Judy held 50! These are a full half gallon, not like the cheater packs you find at the supermarket. They weigh approximately 2.5 lbs each – so Judy held roughly 125 lbs of ice cream. Now, you might be wondering where Judy will store all that ice cream. Don’t worry, we let her take them as gift certificates. She now has enough ice cream to last a year. Congratulations, Judy!



You must be 18+ to be eligible for the contest. Stewart’s employees and their immediate family members are not eligible to win the contest. The winner must sign a release before attempting to hold multiple half gallons of ice cream. You know, in case one falls on your toe. Do not attempt to practice in the shop before the event.